About us

The Community Psychotherapy Network is an umbrella organisation containing different projects.

East End Group Therapy Practice and “Helping The Helpers” as well the as the Hungarian speaking Psychotherapy service “Lelekgyogyasz Pont London” are under the same roof in the East End. Beside group based psychological work we are offering psychodynamic psychotherapy for individuals, couples and families. We established this institution in order to open a new horizon for people with mental health difficulties by using a sliding-scale which allows people to pay a fee dependent on their income. This makes therapy more widely accessible for people who are diagnosed but not treated thoroughly, who are incarcerated but never rehabilitated, have been always ‘out’ and are trying to find out why not ‘in’.

We are keen to see people who find it difficult to find long term treatment for their long-standing issues. We are not concerned with people’s diagnosis but with the struggle with which they are facing. We try to think about the whole person and not only the symptoms. Therefore our treatments are measured often in years of hard work. Although time-limited therapies have an important role and a great effect, these often do not resolve the root of the problem.

We do not provide short term solutions for long term problems. We believe that your long standing difficulties need longer term attention and treatment. This is not an acute service and we are not intending to compete with the NHS as we are often coming from or still working there too. We believe in a good available public healthcare. Equally we think a traditional available voluntary sector has an important role. We have all completed our training in different distinguished institutions. We have an extensive amount of experience but we are still learning every day from our clients. Our service can be low fee but never low quality.

Analytic therapies offer treatment for different types of difficulties. We think personality disorder is not a swear word, depression is not just one thing and self harm could be seen as a sign of hope. We think being an ex-offender doesn’t have to be a life long sentence. Being abused, losing trust in yourself and in the world can be turned around and worked through. The service that we offer is based on psychoanalytic thinking and we use applied modalities which have been researched, documented and evidenced by hundreds of thousands of people as a therapeutic method for decades.

There is hope if there is help.